Los Alamos Kid’s Art Co-op Fundraiser Thursday

Kids create art projects during a meeting of Los Alamos Kid’s Art Co-op. Courtesy photo
Silhouette ornaments on sale at Thursday’s meeting as a fundraiser for the Co-op. Courtesy photo
ART News:

Los Alamos Kid’s Art Co-op meets at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 3 at Fuller Lodge Art Center (in classrooms above the gift shop). The Co-op is for parents with young kids (0-5) who want to do crafts with their little ones. Parents with babies are welcome as well.

“I just want a space that kids and parents can meet up and have a good time – while exposing themselves to art,” said Julia Sheppard, one of the founders.

This Thursday the Co-op is planning on making ornaments with pine cones and recycled ribbon – and whatever recycled items Co-op participants bring. Using materials such as mismatched earrings to game pieces, everyone is sure to create their own masterpiece.

The Co-op is is free but needs parents to participate by leading crafts, donating supplies or money, helping setup or cleanup. 

The Co-op was founded by three sisters who want to encourage art appreciation in Los Alamos: Julia Sheppard, Laura Tietjen and Brenda Fleming. Daughters to local artist Bertie Sorenson, they all have a passion for art. Often, Sorenson shows up with much needed coffee. Tietjen is an architect and throws in a modern edge to kids’  crafts. Sheppard does everything from sewing together tortilla bags to tanning elk hides. Fleming is a graphic designer and struggles with not being to “edit-undo” messes with glue guns and sparkles. The atmosphere is fun and the Co-op appreciates anyone who wants to get involved.

In addition to the the free craft, this Thursday also will include a fundraiser. For $10, Fleming will take a profile picture of kid participants and turn it into a silhouette ornament that parents can pick up at a later date. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to purchasing much needed materials such as glue and paint.

The organizers thank Fuller Lodge Art Center for donating space.

Kid’s Art Co-op winners at 2015 Recycle Fashion Show. Courtesy photo