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Ke Ul Los Alamos Hosts Leadership New Mexico Session

Los Alamos Hosts Leadership New Mexico Session

LANL Associate Director of Engineering Steven Girrens, center, welcomes a bus load of Leadership New Mexico participants Thursday to Los Alamos and the Bradbury Science Museum. Girrens is a Leadership New Mexico alumnus. This year’s class includes 40 participants from across the state. The group arrived for a session in Los Alamos that runs through Saturday. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com

From left, Leadership New Mexico alumni Los Alamos Fire Chief Troy Hughes and former Police Chief Wayne Torpy with Los Alamos County Administrator Harry Burgess who graduated from two city level leadership programs and Los Alamos Police Chief Dino Sgambellone who is a participant in this year’s Leadership New Mexico program. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com

Dining at Thursday’s Leadership New Mexico event at the Bradbury Science Museum, from left, Steve Girrens of LANL, Ryan Parks of Jaynes Corporation, former LAPD Chief Wayne Torpy, Leadership New Mexico President Patty Komko, LAFD Chief Troy Hughes, LAPD Chief Dino Sgambellone and Los Alamos County Clerk Sharon Stover. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com


Staff Report:

Los Alamos is hosting this month’s Leadership New Mexico session through Saturday. The group arrived Thursday, spent the day touring the area and ended with a special dinner at the Bradbury Science Museum.

Los Alamos Police Chief Dino Sgambellone is participating in this year’s class. Los Alamos has several Leadership New Mexico alumni and alumnus Roger Waterman of TRK Management is a member of the LNM Board of Directors. Patty Komko is president of the organization and she accompanied the group to Los Alamos.

LNM was founded in 1995 to identify current and emerging leaders throughout New Mexico, enhance their leadership skills and deepen their knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing our state. The organization is dedicated to the development of informed leaders that understand issues, define problems, develop solutions and achieve positions of higher responsibility in New Mexico.

LNM is nonpartisan, does not advocate for legislation of any kind, does not endorse political candidates and does not take a stand on any political or social issues. LNM educates participants – leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors about statewide and regional issues.

Leadership New Mexico is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt New Mexico organization. It is funded by the generous contributions of corporations, foundations and individual donors.

To learn more, visit www.leadershipnm.org.

Leadership New Mexico program participants dine on chicken parmesan and salmon Thursday at the Bradbury Science Museum. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com

Chief Operating Officer Sara Limón of Delta Dental of New Mexico, a Leadership New Mexico program participant received a surprise birthday cake at Thursday’s event. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com

Leadership New Mexico Class of 2014-2015

Lance Adkins
General Manager
Farmers Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Molly Alfaro
Special Assistant to the Commander
377th Air Base Wing
Department of the Air Force
Kirtland Air Force Base
Patricia Aragon
S & P Aragon, Inc.
DBA McDonald’s
Jacob Armijo
Market President
U.S. Bank
Los Lunas
Scott Atwater
Vice President
Bridgers and Paxton Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Josh Beug
General Manager
Tularosa Basin Telephone Company

Earl Carrasco
Chief of Retail Operations
Laguna Development Corporation

Mary Alice Castillo
Joint Interest Billing & A/P Supervisor
Read & Stevens, Inc.
Steve Cowne
Head of Compliance
Matt Dyer
Firm Principal
Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc.
Las Cruces
Renee Ennis
Chief Financial Officer
TriCore Reference Laboratories
Laurie Farber-Condon
Real Estate Broker
Santa Fe Properties
Santa Fe
Gerard Garcia
Maintenance Superintendent
New Mexico Air National Guard
Kirtland Air Force Base
Kendal Giles
Principal & Vice President
John Gratton
New Mexico State University
Mindy Koch
Senior Facilities Manager
Intel Corporation
Rio Rancho
Sara Limón
Chief Operating Officer
Delta Dental Plan of New Mexico
Erik Litzenberg
Fire Chief
City of Santa Fe
Santa Fe
Leo Lovett
Vice President, Business Banking Manager
Wells Fargo Bank
Phil Lucey
Executive Director
New Mexico Press Association
Denise Madrid Boyea
Attorney, Chief Executive Officer
Madrid Boyea Law
New Mexico Texas Coaches, LLC
Paul Mann
Executive Director
U.S. Army
White Sands Missile Range
Janice McCrary
Executive Vice President
Greater Albuquerque
Association of Realtors
Matt Mulligan
Chief Operating Officer
HB Construction
Rob Nelson
Director, HBE
Sandia National Laboratories
Suzanne Odom
Attorney & Shareholder
Montgomery & Andrews, PA
Santa Fe
Kate O’Neill
Executive Director/Faculty
University of New Mexico
Christopher Palmer
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Pioneer Bank
Alden Paquin
Chairman and Director
Santa Ana Golf Corporation
Santa Ana Pueblo
Ryan Parks
Pre-Construction Services Manager
Jaynes Corporation
Mike Richards
Executive Physician-In-Chief
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
Frank Santiago
Director Stakeholder Relations
Dino Sgambellone
Chief of Police
Los Alamos County
Los Alamos
Pahl Shipley
Director Integrated Communications
PNM Resources
Kimberly Stone
Stone Land & Cattle
Michael Stubbs
Stubbs Engineering, Inc.
Las Cruces
Eugene Sun
Vice President & Chief Medical Officer
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico
Dawn Tschabrun
Chief Executive Officer
Lovelace Regional Hospital
Jason Vinson
Community Support Coordinator
United States Air Force
Cannon Air Force Base
Marc Welch
Vice President of Finance
Presbyterian Medical Services
Santa Fe
D’Val Westphal
Assistant Editorial Page Editor
Albuquerque Journal
Dean Willingham, CPA, CCIFP