Los Alamos High School Wrestler Gloria Ramos Medals At Greater Southwest Tournament

Wearing her Greater Southwest Tournament medal, LAHS wrestler Gloria Ramos, left, with her sister Teresa credits her coaches, sister, parents and an accepting team as reasons for her success. Courtesy photo
When a wrestler is told to dig in, they take it to the next level as seen here by LAHS wrestler Gloria Ramos. Ramos had a great year after considering not to wrestle at all. Courtesy photo
This is the time of year when wrestling comes to an end for schools, but those who love the sport find additional venues to try out their craft.
Gloria Ramos, a junior at Los Alamos High School traveled to the Greater Southwest Tournament to give it another go to close out her year. She loved seeing the very young wrestlers build their skills, too and took a third-place medal herself.
She wasn’t sure she wanted to wrestle this year, but decided to attend practices without participating in tournaments. It wasn’t long before the passion took hold and she was in it to win it once again.
“Now that I look back, I feel it was a relatively good year,” Ramos said. “I placed first at the inaugural all -girls wrestling tournament in Aztec, New Mexico.”
She now plans to try and wrestle at year-round events.
Girls are used to wrestling boys throughout the season, but at larger events, occasionally there is an all-girls bracket. Occasionally, if a wrestler wants to compete, they must wrestle above their weight class to have a spot. Ramos attended a meet where she would wrestle at 160 when in fact, she only weighed in at 143.
Despite this challenge, she scored 3-1 (with all three wins by pin), taking third place for the second year at the state championships.
While the benefit to the sport of wrestling is that the individual is core to success, Ramos isn’t brief with spreading the credit for her success.
“First, to all my coaches for being so understanding with everything I had going on this season and for never giving up on me. Second, to my sister, she’s been by my side since day 1 and I wouldn’t have been able to get through this year without her. I also want to thank my mom and dad for supporting me every step of the way,” she said.
Ramos aid that she loves her team and calls them an incredible group. She explained that she loves each and every one of them with all of her heart and knows they have her back. She values their acceptance and respect and considers them her second family.