Los Alamos High School Students Excel On National German Exams

LAHS German teacher Anita Boshier wth her students showing off their medals and certificates from the National German Exam. Courtesy photo

LAPS News:

Twenty-two Los Alamos High School students won gold, 14 students won silver and 11 students won bronze medals in the 2016 National German Exam sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG).

Recipients of the gold medals (or Goldurkunde) scored in the 90 percentile were recognized on the Presidential Honor Roll for outstanding performance.

AATG President Hal Boland said, “The outstanding performance of these German students in our national competition brings honor to their school, their district, and their German program. The AATG salutes their tremendous accomplishment and the great work their teachers do.”

Anita Boshier, the German teacher, is extremely proud of the students’ achievement. She would like to thank Melissa Goldmann, the Los Alamos Middle School German Teacher, for giving these students a strong foundation in the language.

Test levels (2, 3, and 4) are based on the number of years the students studied German. In all, 70 students participated.

Gold Medal Winners:

  • Level 2: Ethan Aulwes, Cameron Harlow, Alisha Heikoop, Kyler Parkinson, Ryan Swart, Do Vo, Miriam Wallstrom, Peter Watson, Steven Zhao
  • Level 3: Rose Click, Liz Kristin Fassbender, Megan Kornreich, Justin Lemke, Andreas Runde
  • Level 4: Louisa Belian, Kathryn Delgado, Devon McCleskey, Benjamin Reidys, Jennifer Wang, Wilbur Wang, Tabitha Welch, Jovan Zhang

Silver Medal Winners:

  • Level 2: Nicholas Berndt, Presley Gao, Valerie Li, Madison Mas, Aidan Monteith, Cade Yost
  • Level 3: Malakai Coblentz, Alexander Ionkov, Elizabeth Lockhart, Kayla Parker, Richard Romero
  • Level 4: Akane Dunn, Jerry Li, KaanUnal, Robert Zhu

Bronze Medal Winners:

  • Level 2: Hanna Littleton, Adam Murrell, Martin Naub, Donald Poston, Jason Smathers
  • Level 3: Alexander Jaegers, Thomas Kwei, Noah McCabe, Jennifer Necker, Benjamin Schauer
  • Level 4: Brandon Bao

National German Exam Special Recognition winners display their certificates. Courtesy photo

About the National German Exams

Founded in 1926, the AATG represents German teachers at all levels of instruction. The AATG is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of the teaching of language, literature and culture of the German speaking countries.


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