Los Alamos High School Students Earn Bilingual Seal

LAPS Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus and students Aaron Philip, Kyle Gentile, Elizabeth Booton, Sara Franco-Duque, TFA Principal Jill Gonzales and LAHS Principal Carter Payne. Courtesy/LAHS

LAPS Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus, right, and LAHS Principal Carter Payne, left, with students and their Bilingualism-Biliteracy Seal of the State of New Mexico certificates. Courtesy/LAHS

LAHS News:

Los Alamos High School and the Department of Foreign Languages, along with Junior students from Spanish, French, German and Latin organized a ceremony Wednesday, May 19 to celebrate the Seniors who with effort and dedication obtained the Bilingualism-Biliteracy Seal of the State of New Mexico for the school year 2020-2021.

The following graduating students of the Class 2021 met all requirements for the LAHS and New Mexico Bilingualism-Biliteracy State Seal:

  • Katherine Elton – Spanish and French;
  • Victoria Nisoli – Spanish;
  • Isabella Martinez-Pruet – Spanish;
  • Daniela Bojorquez-Marquez – Spanish;
  • Lidia Appell – Spanish;
  • Robin Chartrand – Spanish;
  • Karin Ebey – Spanish;
  • Noah Lyons – French;
  • Eloise Shappert – French;
  • Sheena Han – French;
  • Maybelle Wilson – French;
  • Takuma Shiina – Latin;
  • William McTeigue – Latin; and
  • May Vo – German