Los Alamos High School NJROTC Cadets Score Gold At 29th Annual Military Skills Competition In Albuquerque

Los Alamos High School NJROTC Cadets gather with their trophies after scoring gold at the 29th Annual Military Skills Competition in Albuquerque. Courtesy/NJROTC

Male color guard from left, Joshua Danforth, Hayden Kim (Commander), Jayden Kim and Caleb Moss. Courtesy/NJROTC

Female color guard from left, Eleanor Joggerst, Sofia West (Commander), Evelyn Drake and Emily Baca. Courtesy/NJROTC

By c/ENS Alana Hinojosa
Public Affairs Officer

This past weekend Los Alamos NJROTC traveled to Del Norte High School and West Mesa High School to compete in the 29th Annual Duke City Invitational Drill Meet and the Bill Barker Marksmanship Competition this past Saturday.

They competed in unarmed regulation drill, armed regulation drill, female and male color guard, and female and male physical fitness, along with precision and sporter marksmanship.

“I’m super proud of the cadets I competed alongside,” said Seth Javernick, Topper Company Command Master Chief and marksmanship team commander. “Seeing new faces mixed with veterans all excited and eager to compete and win gold for their teams inspires confidence for the future of Topper Company, and I can’t wait to see what will continue to come out of this hard work.”

Topper Company Operations Officer Hayden Sutton, the male physical fitness team commander, said, “Our teams have worked hard to prepare for this meet, never missing a practice and showing major enthusiasm each day. We utilized the skills and hard work we put into practices and were able to come out with 1st place in almost every single event we competed in. I am extremely proud of our unit and our teams for putting in those hard hours and showing what happens when you put care and effort into your teams. I am excited to see what we can do at our next competition and hope that we keep up this effort throughout the rest of the year.”

Los Alamos NJROTC heads back to West Mesa High School on Nov. 18 to compete in the Area 20 East Military Skills Meet. 

Individual awards went to Aspen Jaramillo, 2nd place precision marksmanship prone; Seth Javernick, 3rd place precision marksmanship standing; Seth Javernick, 2nd place precision marksmanship kneeling; William Berninger, 1st place precision marksmanship kneeling; Aspen Jaramillo, 2nd place precision marksmanship overall; Seth Javernick, 1st place precision marksmanship overall; Isabella Pearson, 3rd place female 4×400 relay; Hayden Kim, 3rd place male 4×400 relay; Arthur Yarotski, 2nd place male 4×400 relay; Ana Schmitz, 3rd place female sprint, drag, carry; Natalie Crawford, 2nd place female sprint, drag, carry; Arthur Yarotski, 3rd place male sprint, drag, carry; Natalie Crawford, 1st place female standing power throw; and Seth Javernick, 1st place standing power throw.

Team awards included 1st place unarmed drill, 1st place armed drill, 1st place female color guard, 1st place male color guard, 1st place female physical fitness, 1st place male physical fitness, 2nd place precision marksmanship, 2nd place unit inspection and 1st place overall.

Female PT team from left, Sofia West, Natalie Crawford, Ana Schmitz and Bella Pearson (not pictured).  Courtesy/NJROTC

Male PT team from left, Hayden Sutton (Commander), Hayden Kim, Seth Javernick and Arthur Yarotski.  Courtesy/NJROTC

Armed drill team from top left, Hayden Sutton, Hayden Kim, Ashton Cody, Marcus Ovideo, bottom left Joshua Danforth (Commander), JinWoo Kim, Natalie Crawford, Isabel Stoica, Darius Patton and Noah Banks.   Courtesy/NJROTC

Precision Marksmanship team from left, Aspen Jaramillo, Seth Javernick, Kevin Lacy and William Berninger.  Courtesy/NJROTC

Unarmed drill team top left, Alana Hinojosa (commander), Hayden Sutton, Arthur Yarotski, Jayden Kim, bottom left, Maya Snowden, Evelyn Drake, Emily Baca, Jaceena Hornberger, Asher Colson and Owen Oviedo.  Courtesy/NJROTC


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