Los Alamos Hawks FTC Team Continues to Fly!

The Hawks FTC Team from left, Jaryn Newman, Erin Scott, Joseph Thompson, Summer Bronson and Jessica Cooke with their robot M.I.M.R.E. Photo by Pamela Scott

Hawks FTC Team members from left, Summer Bronson, Jessica Cooke and Erin Scott at last weekend’s competition in Colorado. Photo by Pamela Scott


A Rookie Team at REGIONAL Championships!
LAMS Seventh Grader
Last weekend the Hawks FTC Team journeyed to Loveland, Colo., for the Colorado State Regional Championship. The competition was intense, with 29 robotics teams from Colorado, Arizona and our team representing New Mexico competing head on and in rapid succession with different alliance partners and opponents. 

After six preliminary matches, the Hawks earned a 4th seed in the finals. Yes, we were in the finals of regionals. Little did we know we needed to pick TWO alliance partners for this final challenge. Confusing? Yes. We were confused, and though we were defeated after two rounds by the number one seeded alliance, we say, “We are a middle school rookie team, against many returning, high school champions. I’d say fourth place is pretty good. We are proud of our success.

“The Hawks shall rise again!” says a member of our team, Joseph. Now, we are doing everything we can to show FIRST Tech Challenge to the town. Watch for M.I.M.R.E. (Mechanical Idea Made Real Epically) around town as it is now going on tour. M.I.M.R.E. is our robot, and we think is the coolest hunk of hardware we had ever seen, and now, BUILT and TESTED and competition proven!

Our FTC experience isn’t all about the travel and robot driving though. It brought a handful of middle schoolers who wouldn’t have known each other otherwise, and made friends of us. Overall, this has been a great experience and has taught us life-lessons of gracious professionalism, and has encouraged us to practice it every day and given us a platform to practice how to graciously win, and to lose with dignity. FIRST robotics is a way of teaching important life-lessons in a fun and unique way.

From the robot building, to the travel, the whole FTC experience is incredible, and so very enjoyable. The best part of FIRST is it’s ongoing. We hope you get a chance to meet M.I.M.R.E. on tour, and maybe get to ask us some questions about our robot.

We are a team representing the Los Alamos Middle School, and we are very excited for the challenges to come. We are the Hawks and we shall continue to fly.  And we couldn’t do it without our sponsors! Thank You!

Hawks FTC Team sponsors. Photo by Pamela Scott