Los Alamos Fire Marshal Escalates Fire Restrictions To Stage 3 Effective Saturday May 7 


Fire Marshal Wendy Servey is escalating Fire Restrictions to Stage 3, which involves closure of the unpaved trail systems along with other types of activity for Los Alamos County, effective Saturday, May 7, 2022.

This is due to an unusually early start to fire season along with continued critical to extreme fire weather associated high winds, dry fuel moistures, extended drought resulting in very high to extreme.

In these conditions one could expect quick and extensive fire spread. Another consideration is the difficulty rescuing recreational users quickly, as responders will be tasked with multiple tactical priorities simultaneously in case of a wildfire start. 

“The Fire Department thanks the community for its support, and understands it may be difficult to adhere too, as we are just starting to move about from the pandemic, however, now is the time to take a preventative stance,” Servey said. 

All conditions for previous stages are included and met for Stage 3. For clarification, added conditions for Stage 3 Fire Restrictions are in bold.

The following are NOT ALLOWED during Stage 3 Fire Restrictions:

  • Use of firearms, firing ranges or use of ammunitions.
  • All recreational activity on unpaved trail systems and open space to include camping, hiking, horses, bicycles, motor bikes and all-terrain vehicles.
  • Non-permissible fireworks as defined by State statue and adopted by County ordinance at your home, public, or County land or open space(s) are prohibited. See Los Alamos County – Fire Marshal’s Office homepage for more information – https://lacnm.com/LAFD-FireMarshal.
  • Building, maintaining an open fire, bonfires, fire pits, campfires, or recreational fires to include charcoal (briquet) grills, coal, or wood stove within the County.  This includes all fires in campgrounds, un-improved sites, open space areas, and public and private residences.
  • Using or operating a generator, chainsaw, riding mower or other internal or external combustible engine without a spark arresting device properly installed, and in working order.
  • Driving off designated roadways.
  • Use of explosives/blasting.
  • Sky lanterns.

The following are ALLOWED during Stage 3 Fire Restrictions:

  • Use of paved trails of Canyon Rim, La Mesa and the paved accessway to Overlook Point can be utilized.
  • Stoves, grills, lanterns, and heaters fueled by propane, or other liquified petroleum fuels may be used if they meet manufacturer’s safety specifications and have on/off switches.
  • Smoking only in enclosed vehicles or buildings as authorized by Chapter 18, Article IV of the County Code.
  • Use of permissible fireworks as defined by State Statue and adopted by County ordinance for use residential use on paved/barren area with adequate supervision and water supply. However, as a reminder use on public or County land and open space(s) is not allowed, and permissible aerial firework use may be limited with local legislation as allowed by State Statue. Firework (displays) and other pyrotechnic devices only with a valid approved operational permit by the Fire Marshal’s Office, Fire Marshal.
  • Welding or operating acetylene torch or other torch with a flame only with a valid approved operational permit issued by the Fire Marshal’s Office, Fire Marshal.

A violation of this notice of Los Alamos County Fire Restrictions may be subject to a written notice violation (citation) that may result in prosecution and penalties.

Firefighters, and other public service or government officials on official business or training activity and permit holders may have exemption from these restrictions only as approved.

Know before you go. A copy of the Fire Marshal’s Order for Stage 3 Fire Restrictions can be found at  https://lacnm.com/LAFD-FireMarshal.

Fire restrictions and updates for Los Alamos County and throughout New Mexico are posted on the New Mexico Fire Information Website at www.nmfireinfo.com.


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