Los Alamos Farmers Market Thursday

Shoppers selecting fresh fruit at the Aug. 7 Farmers Market. Photo by Chris Clark/ladailypost.com

Indoor and outdoor plants for sale at the Farmers Market again this week. Photo by Chris Clark/ladailypost.com

LAFM News:

The Los Alamos Farmers Market sets up every Thursday, 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., in the Mesa Public Library parking lot at the corner of Bathtub Row and Central Avenue.

This week, look for fresh melons, grapes, peaches, apples, plums, pears, blackberries, honey and honey sticks. Also on sale is lavender body products, green chile, celery, shishito peppers, radishes, turnips, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green onions, leeks, garlic, yellow onion, purple and white onions, fava beans, basil, purple basil, ungraded eggs, pork, beef and lamb.

Find jerky, mizuna airplant terrariums, egg plant, cut flowers, plants for indoors and outside, green, purple and yellow beans, fingerling potatoes, purple potatoes, jalapanos, yellow hots, chard, cucumbers, carrots, poblano peppers, okra, yellow squash, zuchunni, soy beans, corn, squash blossoms, pecans, cabbage, beets, vegetable juice drinks, apple cider, snow cones, dried apples, kettle corn, vinegars, jams, jellies, kohlrobi, bell peppers, Vollkorn Brot, Uber Vollkorn Brot, blue corn millet bread and pastries.

Also, bison meat sauce, goat cheese spreads, cow cheeses and butter, calzones, pizzas, muffins, gluten free breads and pastries, scallions, cauliflower, cantaloupes, scones, salsas, tea breads, pies, quiches, cookies,  tarts, cinnamon and slinkies. Jim Howards Sharpening Service will be available to sharpen knives and other items and this week, Candie Borduin will be selling her iris rhizomes. Also, the Los Alamos Medical Center will be providing free health screenings.

Market contest winners:

  • Large market baskets #88 Marty Delanoy, #350 Dena Webster, #1867 Anne Tuner;
  • Large oval baskets #23 Rozelle Wright, #1830 Marie Odom, #1857 Christine Brown;
  • Hats #99 Jackie Marr, #1885 Patricia Crandell;
  • Fans #638 Sarah Gustafson, #178 Janine Tulenko;
  • Wine baskets #1345 Kimberly Christensen, #1834 Ahi Renner;
  • Small round baskets #200 Nora Berninger, #1869 Kristine Terrones, #1153 Judy Goldie;
  • Small oval baskets #37 Chuck Forest, #1772 Julia Jones, #1840 Angela Reneke;
  • Aprons #144 Carolyn Bush, #1775 Gary Brown, # 894 Betty Gunther; and
  • Market bags #734 Debra Steinman, #1758 Melynda Brooks.

Winners may pick up their gift at the information booth.

Leroy Pacheco from L.A. Recycle was at market two weeks ago. Direct recycling questions to him at 505.662.8163 or leroy.pacheco@lacnm.us.

Los Alamos Farmers Market is sponsored by Los Alamos MainStreet http://lamainstreet.com/farmers-market.htm and New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association http://lamainstreet.com/farmers-market-blog.htm. Contact talacook@windstream.net or call 505.929.6579, for information.