Los Alamos Democratic Party Hosts Santa Fe 4 Bernie Campaign Coordinator Paul Gibson

Paul Gibson


Paul Gibson is the Santa Fe coordinator for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president and the creator of ShareTheBern, a new national initiative to activate Internet-based networks of Sanders supporters throughout the country.

At the Los Alamos Democratic Party meeting today at 7 p.m. at UNM-Los Alamos in Building 05, Wallace Hall, Gibson will speak on the national and local campaign. He will describe the specific differences between Sanders, Clinton and GOP candidates in relation to past Senate votes, current positions and major funders. This presentation will include video clips illustrating the concentration of wealth in the country, how PACs and lobbying effectively purchase the electoral and legislative processes, and how Sanders would address these challenges. 

Gibson also will describe the ShareTheBern initiative. ShareTheBern is designed first to identify, engage, educate and activate networks of Sanders supporters and to provide these supporters a variety of tools and materials to make it easier to engage and educate others. For example, carefully designed PowerPoint presentations are being developed on different topics with each presentation including video, charts, quotes and other information integrated with voice over narration to guide participant discussion, effectively creating a plug and play format.

The presentations include breaks for discussion and participant guidebooks to create a more interactive experience. The intent is to make it effortless to host a successful Meet-Up, Debate Viewing or House Party and to provide tools and web-based structures and supports to enable hosts to use their parties as launches for a local network of active Sanders supporters.

For more information about Santa Fe 4 Bernie, visit http://www.santafe4bernie.com/.

For more information about the Democratic Party of Los Alamos County, visit http://www.losalamosdemocrats.org/.