Los Alamos Daily Post Endorses Recreation Bond

By CAROL A. CLARK, Publisher
Los Alamos Daily Post
After much review and careful consideration, the Los Alamos Daily Post is endorsing the recreation bond and we strongly encourage the community to vote in support of this bond.

As a local business person and newspaper publisher, I have a broad perspective on what’s happening today in our town and where our community is headed in the future. On matters of high importance, my paper will offer an editorial opinion for your consideration. The upcoming recreation bond election is one of those times where we believe our opinion is warranted.

I strongly endorse the recreation bond for both community and business reasons. There’s no doubt that it’s a positive way for our community to invest in itself. The need for these facilities is legitimate. They are quality of life amenities that will benefit so many in our community, especially our children and senior populations. Many other communities across New Mexico and the country have recognized the benefits of these types of recreation facilities and have offered them to their residents for decades. It’s unfortunate that the County hasn’t been able to provide them to our community in the past but we have the opportunity now.

As a local business person, I want to see our community improve itself, not only for the benefit of individuals but also for the benefit of our small businesses. This bond election is one of those rare times when the community can vote to invest in itself. Supporting the bond is good for our local business community.

Having covered this story over the long haul, I can confirm that the County has done good work in thoroughly evaluating the projects and facilitating a thoughtful and inclusive community discussion. This bond package is filled with validated projects that will serve so many of us. The costs have been evaluated in a responsible manner. The impact of these facilities to the greater community has been thoughtfully considered and leveraged to make the most of this opportunity. This bond election package is reasonable and legitimate.

The results of this election will say a lot about who we are as a community. I know that we’re a community that works hard at stressful, important work. We’re dedicated to the Laboratory’s mission and want to see the Laboratory succeed. Our work can be intense and we need healthy outlets to relieve stress and spend quality time with our families. We have deep compassion for others. We love our families and friends and support our local businesses. I’ve seen over and over the generosity of our community as we support each other even when we don’t benefit personally. This is an important opportunity for us to support one another.

I hope that you will think about this election from the standpoint of what’s best for our community. I encourage you to vote in support of this bond.