Los Alamos Daily Post Endorses Mil Levy, LAPS Bond

By CAROL A. CLARK, Publisher
Los Alamos Daily Post

After much review and careful consideration, the Los Alamos Daily Post is endorsing the UNM-LA Mil Levy and LAPS School Bond and we strongly encourage the community to vote for both.

Education is vitally important to this community, now and in the future, in terms of opportunities for our young people as well as economic development benefits for the entire community.

UNM-LA has provided important educational opportunities to local students, first responders, healthcare workers and lifelong learners. However, with the never ending cuts in educational resources from the state, the operational funds at UNM-LA are tremendously tight. If the Mil Levy fails to pass, services and programs that the college provides to this community will be greatly diminished.

We encourage residents to vote for the LAPS School Bond to ensure the strategic plan to upgrade and maintain the school facilities can continue. Well maintained schools enhance the learning environment for students, provide a comfortable work environment for teachers and staff and aid in attracting young families to the community.

Details on the UNM-LA Mil Levy and LAPS School Bond have been widely disseminated and covered in our newspaper so we won’t repeat it all here. For a refresher on the importance of the Mil Levy and School Bond, read the information published directly from UNM-LA CEO Dr. Cynthia Rooney here and LAPS Superintendent Dr. Kurt Steinhaus here.