Los Alamos Daily Post Does Not Endorse Candidates


Since its inception nearly seven years ago, the Los Alamos Daily Post has held firm to its policy of not endorsing political candidates. This has not changed.

We want to make this very clear to our readers because as occasionally happens when elections heat up – ethical lines in some campaigns blur – and may mislead voters.

Over the last couple of days, readers have contacted us questioning whether we published an 8-page political newspaper that arrived in mailboxes this week. It bears a “Los Alamos Post” masthead. The Los Alamos Daily Post did not publish that newspaper and is not associated with it in any way.

We stay away from endorsements because we believe they are an indication of institutional bias. Most readers don’t want us to tell them how to vote. They want us to report on issues and races and provide all the information we can to enable them to make their own informed decisions.

The Los Alamos Daily Post letter policy for political candidates also has not changed. We welcome letters from supporters stating why they believe their candidate to be the best choice. We do not, however, publish letters that bash opponents. So, with just 39 days remaining until the Nov. 6 midterm elections, we encourage candidates and their supporters to remain calm and strive to avoid actions that mislead voters.


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