Los Alamos Couple Adopts Young Boys

Los Alamos residents Mia and Lauri Holsapple adopt Jordan and Max Dec. 21. Photo by Bernadette Lauritzen

Mia and Lauri Holsapple of Los Alamos celebrate adopting Jordan and Max Dec. 21 with family and friends and Judge Jason Lidyard. Photo by Bernadette Lauritzen

Los Alamos

While the rush of the holiday season for some is just an annual blur, Dec. 21 marked a moment frozen in time for others in the courtroom of Judge Jason Lidyard.

There were tears, but these tears were the ones judges and CYFD employees don’t get to see as often as they would like and the ones that make the hard work possible the other days of the year. It was the final blessing needed to approve an adoption, with family and friends adding to the safety net of love that surrounds a family.

Los Alamos residents Mia and Lauri Holsapple took the steps required to change two lives forever that Friday when they skipped school to adopt two beautiful young boys. Jordan and Max Holsapple may have known a special day was at hand, but perhaps didn’t realize the judge had just signed the deed that would enable them to never worry about a brighter future.

One year ago, near Christmas, the Holsapple women finished the requirements needed and were approved to become foster parents. The duo fostered three children throughout that year and now have two who can officially call them mom for the rest of their lives.

“We have found our forever family and these two boys have brought us so much joy,” Mia said. “Having the adoption so close to Christmas was such an amazing gift.”

Mia is the Food Services director with Chartwells for Los Alamos Public Schools and Lauri is part of the asset building team of Mountain Elementary School.

“This first Christmas means love, joy and a new beginning,” Lauri said. “A new chapter has begun.”

The boys were able to spend the adoption day, their first Christmas and upcoming first New Year with a variety of family members, including a new grandmother.