Los Alamos County Places Two Parcels Up For Sale

Community Development Director Paul Andrus

Los Alamos Daily Post

They may only total less than half an acre, but two Los Alamos County-owned parcels off Trinity Drive offer a lot of potential to the community.

These two parcels at 3691 and 3689 Trinity Dr., off 35th St. and Trinity Drive near the future site of Hill Apartments, are up for sale.

Community Development Department Director Paul Andrus said the County started advertising the sale of the parcels Oct. 15 and proposals for their solicitation were due Nov. 6. A walk-through of the site also was done Oct. 23.

Andrus said three proposals were received. The next step will be to review those proposals and ultimately the County Council will make the decision for a purchase sale agreement, he said.

The two parcels are zoned residential, but Andrus said the land could be rezoned either as commercial or mixed use.

Whether residential or commercial properties are built on the parcels, the objective is that the parcels be developed in a way that best serves the County, Andrus said.

“In terms of what we want to get out of it we asked proposers to look at the high level comprehensive plans (such as the economic vitality plan and the housing study) and show how their proposal is going to meet these priorities contained in these documents,” he said. “How will your proposals help further any or all of these strategies moving forward.”

“The County Council will be looking potentially at a project that would help support our local housing and or commercial needs … it is not a huge parcel (but) any opportunity that the County would have to address any of those types of residential or commercial needs while being sensitive to the surrounding uses… that is kind of the intent,” he added.

The County acquired the two parcels during a period when roundabouts were considered for Trinity Drive, Andrus said. Originally the parcels held single family homes. Andrus said council directed staff to go out to sell the land to the private sector. He added as far as the sale price, according to County code property cannot be sold for less than 95 percent of the appraised value.

Andrus also provided some updates to other properties around town that have been for sale.

He reported that ownership of the Hilltop House changed hands and Mari Mac is still under contract. Additionally, any development on a portion of County-owned property off DP Road known as A16, which has been discovered to hold radioactive waste, is on pause while DOE works on a comprehensive assessment of the waste and LANL does a preliminary screening plan.

The site plan for the Marriott hotel and conference center will go to the Planning and Zoning Commission, hopefully before Christmas, Andrus said.