Los Alamos County Council Commends Sgt. Chris Ross

Sgt. Chris Ross, left, and Police Chief Dino Sgambellone hold up a recognition declaration Tuesday night during the Los Alamos County Council meeting. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/ladailypost.com
Los Alamos Daily Post

Los Alamos Police Sgt. Chris Ross helped save a man’s life Jan. 11 and the County Council took the opportunity to recognize and commend his actions Jan. 29 during the regular council meeting.

“…The County Council wishes to recognize a special life-saving event and the response of an individual in the Los Alamos Police Department … on Friday, Jan. 11, 2019 a Los Alamos resident accidentally shot himself while examining his gun and responding officers observed the man bleeding inside and kicked in the door,” Police Chief Dino Sgambellone said. “Once inside, they applied two tourniquets likely saving the man’s life. The man was ultimately transported to St. Vincent’s and treated and released to recover.”

“…The council would like to particularly recognize Sgt. Chris Ross who spearheaded a program to bring tourniquet training to each officer last year,” Sgambellone said. “Additionally, the department purchased tourniquets for each officer to carry. It was Sgt. Ross who applied both tourniquets in this situation. The first used since bringing the training to the department … Sgt. Ross’ actions represent his dedication to public safety. He is a valuable asset to the police department and to the citizens of Los Alamos County … the Council wishes to thank Sgt. Ross for bringing the tourniquet training program to LAPD and applying swift action in responding to this situation.”

County Council Chair Sara Scott added, “We’re just so glad to have the opportunity to recognize your efforts and your commitment to the wellbeing of this community. It’s duly noted. Thank you very much.”

Ross explained that he spearheaded the tourniquet training in the police department because one of his roles is to serve as an active shooter instructor. He said that tourniquet training is one of things being pushed in the industry.

“I just want to say thank you … thank you for the opportunity … thank you for providing us the chief that gave us that vision and that capability,” Ross said. “In all honesty, in this situation here it was nothing special that I did, it was just falling back on the training that I received and having the equipment. I was just there at the right place at the right time. I think any one of our officers in our department would have done the same thing … our job in public safety is we have to train for things in our career we may never experience or we may experience often so we  have to train for the daily basis to the once-in-a-lifetime routine, and hopefully this is only a once-in-a-lifetime routine, but I am glad we did have the training and knowledge and the equipment to be able to handle this and truly be able to save this gentleman’s life.”

Ross told the Los Alamos Daily Post, “I feel honored”. He said he doesn’t consider himself a hero … he was just doing his job.


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