Los Alamos County CFO Joe D’Anna Retires Friday

Chief Financial Officer Joe D’Anna will retire Friday after 24 years of service to the County. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/ladailypost.com 
​Los Alamos Daily Post 

After 24 years of service to Los Alamos County, Chief Financial Officer Joseph D’Anna is retiring Friday. It is not a sad goodbye; D’Anna said he is leaving confident that the County’s finance division will continue to be successful with an excellent staff and strong leadership.

Helen Perraglio, formerly the deputy CFO, was named CFO and Melissa Myer has been hired to be the new deputy CFO. Chief Purchasing Officer Annalisa Miranda will continue to lead the procurement and materials management group.

D’Anna said he is proud of what the finance division has accomplished during his time with the County.

“I think we set our standards high and have continued to meet them, with good service and clean financial audits,” he said.

The County’s finance division has a long history of success. In fact, since Fiscal Year 1991, Los Alamos County has earned the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Certificate in Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), as well as the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award 25 straight times.

Additional awards include the 2012 and 2014 New Mexico Association of Counties Audit Accountability Awards for a mid-size county and the County’s first GFOA award for its fiscal year 2016 Popular Annual Financial Report.

D’Anna said he is confident the current team will continue this streak of success.

“I’m pleased that we have a really positive and technically capable team that should be able to keep things going in the future,” he said, adding, “Helen has excellent experience and great skills. We should be really good for a lot of years.”

Meanwhile D’Anna said he is looking forward to retirement and having the time to do all things he hasn’t had time to do while he was working. He has no plans to leave Los Alamos.

“I grew up in this community since age 9,” D’Anna said. “I was a White Rock kid that graduated from Los Alamos High School.”

His wife Cathy works for the County and they have four grown children who also call Los Alamos home.

D’Anna said he expects he will stay busy with home improvement projects, and with his family, enjoy hiking, fishing, softball, winter sports and other outdoor activities.

D’Anna didn’t spend his entire career with Los Alamos County. He was previously employed as an auditor with a public accounting firm in Santa Fe. When he transitioned to the County, D’Anna said he took the lowest level accounting position and worked his way to CFO.

He joked that he liked to think that it was because of his hard work and talent “but people can argue with me.”

D’Anna said he has truly enjoyed working for Los Alamos County.

“I like the variety of what we do at the County, and I have always liked the public service part of my job,” he said. “I feel like I’ve contributed to my community, even if it has been behind the scenes.”

Because he grew in Los Alamos, D’Anna said he can really appreciate all of the services the County provides.

“I could always find meaning and value in my job … I found a way to be part of the community that I grew up in,” he said.

He added that working for the County has always been interesting and the work has kept him engaged.

“I’ve enjoyed working with so many really good people over the years.” he said.

So even though D’Anna will be shutting his office door for the last time Friday, he said he will be there for the department staff, if they need him. “They know they can call me.”