Los Alamos Company Invited To Game Night Hosted At Smithsonian


Washington, D.C. Los Alamos based Science Education Solutions (SCIEDS) has been invited to showcase “Thirst for Power” at the prestigious Climate Game Jam hosted at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Jan. 21 in Washington, D.C.

“Thirst for Power” is a resource management game designed and developed in Los Alamos. It challenges players to provide critical energy for their “region” without creating too much pollution while having a limited water resource. In this real life strategy game, the player has to plan and customize their region using cost-benefit analysis, resources management, and policy-making dexterities. You win by being the first player to balance your regions thirst for energy.

“It is very exciting to be invited to demonstrate our Thirst for Power game at the national game jam,” said Dr. Michelle Hall, president of Science Education Solutions. We will be part of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s effort to connect students and citizens with the best-available, science-based information about climate change.

About SCIEDS: Science Education Solutions is active in a wide range of programs designed to help learners of all ages discover and understand the world through science. We make learning about science and technology accessible, welcoming, intriguing, and rewarding.

Other notable SCIEDS programs include:

  • Teen Science Café Network;
  • Café Scientifique New Mexico;
  • College and High School Earth Science Curriculum; and
  • Development of games for learning.

Science Education Solutions is at 4200 Jemez Road. For more information, visit SCIEDS.com.