Los Alamos Community Foundation Presents Nonprofit Training Seminar: Fundraising Strategies June 7

LACF News:
The Los Alamos Community Foundation is hosting the Nonprofit Training Seminar: Fundraising Strategies 6-7 p.m., Thursday, June 7 in the Lecture Hall in Building 2 at at UNM-LA. Light refreshments will be served.

The featured speaker for this event is Emily McGay. McGay is the manager of McGay Consulting, LLC, a small local consulting firm that works with non-profit organizations on their operations, strategic planning and board development. McGay also conducts studies such as community needs assessments and feasibility studies for capital development. She said she looks forward to bringing her decades of leadership experience to the local nonprofit community to aid in its fundraising efforts. 

RSVP at info@losalamoscf.org. This is the last nonprofit training program before the Los Alamos Community Foundation breaks for the summer months.  

Successful Fundraising —A skill you can learn

Non-profits generally raise funds for three purposes:

1) annual support;
2) capital; an
3) endowment.
Annual support is very important because you must prove you are a publicly supported organization to the IRS in order to maintain your 501(c)3 status. The current thinking is that one-third of your income should come from contributed dollars. This is a big responsibility. So how do you become successful at asking people for money?

Proven strategies can be learned and implemented that will insure your success:

  • Set up a campaign committee of staff and volunteers;
  • Develop a plan and document the need and the case to include a firm monetary goal;
  • Cultivate your potential donors. Visit with them face-to-face to show your enthusiasm for the cause;
  • Recruit, train and motivate your volunteers on how to be more successful with their asks;
  • Monitor your campaign with report meetings; and
  • Evaluate your campaign for improvements that can be made the next time.