Los Alamos Church Of Christ Opens Doors To Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship and Los Alamos Church of Christ are sharing space. Courtesy photo



Since March 18, the Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship has worshiped and fellowshiped in the Los Alamos Church of Christ building at 2323 Diamond Dr.

The present schedule is that Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship meets for worship and preaching 8:15-10 a.m. Sunday. The Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship’s children participate 9-10 a.m., in Los Alamos Church of Christ’s Bible classes, which are offered for all ages. Then 10-10:30 a.m., both groups share fellowship and snacks together.

The Los Alamos Church of Christ’s worship time is 10:30 a.m. to about 11:45 a.m. Everyone in the community is welcome to participate in any of these activities.

Grace Vineyard had looked to move from its location across from Los Alamos High School to reduce costs. Members of the Grace Vineyard leadership approached the elders and ministers at the Los Alamos Church of Christ about sharing their facility.

There had already been some interaction between the two congregations. Los Alamos Church of Christ Youth and Family Minister Tony Stidham has preached as a substitute at Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship, among other area churches. Pastor John (Jack) Sullivan of Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship and Timothy Stidham, preaching and teaching minister of Los Alamos Church of Christ, swapped pulpits one Sunday in 2017. One Los Alamos Church of Christ member had been a member of a local church led by Sullivan and was married by him. Joy Rhodes of Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship was keynote speaker at the 2017 Women2Women mini-conference held at the Los Alamos Church of Christ. The two congregations have met together for Thanksgiving dinners along with other congregations.

“We followed our usual practice of searching the Scriptures in making a church decision,” said Gerry Wood, one of the three Los Alamos Church of Christ elders. “We found more than two dozen passages such as, ‘Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God (Hebrews 13:16),’ but not one scripture about being selfish with God’s blessings.”

“Leadership teams from both congregations met several times to discuss options,” Wood said. “We examined each other’s doctrines and found them remarkably compatible. The proposal was presented to the Los Alamos Church of Christ members for discussion. Most concerns were about details and possible inconveniences. The outcome was that most of the Los Alamos Church of Christ congregation became enthusiastic about the possibility, and the decision was made to offer sharing the facility that God has given us.”

Sullivan of Grace Vineyard said, “I have pastored in Los Alamos since 1980. I have long believed in what is sometimes called the ‘City-wide’ church, that Jesus has only one church in Los Alamos, though it is made up of numerous congregations. We may hang different signs with different names on our meeting places, but each congregation has a unique mission within the overall purpose of the church. So I see us all as being part of one big family, each functioning as different tribes, working in different parts of God’s vineyard.”

“The Los Alamos Church of Christ opening its doors to us and letting us use their facilities is more than just an act of love and generosity,” Sullivan said. “It is a practical way of demonstrating the unity of Jesus’ church in Los Alamos. We are anticipating that God is going to do something special and unique as our two congregations worship and minister side by side. We appreciate the warm welcome that we have received at the Church of Christ.”

For more information, contact Timothy Stidham, LACofC preaching and teaching minister at 505.695.5875 or Jack Sullivan, GVCF pastor at 505.412.2518.


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