Los Alamos Art Tour Preview: Part Three

Painting by Tatiana Klimov. Courtesy photo

ART News:

The fourth annual Los Alamos Artists Studio Tour is 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 14 and noon to 5 p.m. Oct. 15. This free, self-guided tour will take visiters into the studios of nine of Los Alamos and White Rock’s talented artists, in addition to two art classes from UNM-Los Alamos. Each stop offers something new and exciting.

At ProjectY cowork at 150 Central Park Square, guests will see a sample of each artist’s work during the hours of the Tour, or come to the reception 6-8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13 to meet the artists, plan your stops, and enjoy some live music.

Tour booklets with maps can be found at key locations within town, including Fuller Lodge Art Center, the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce, White Rock Visitor Center, and both public libraries.

The Studio Tour is sponsored by the Los Alamos Arts Council and Los Alamos Mainstreet, and is a New Mexico True event.

For more information, visit http://www.losalamosstudiotours.com.


Painting by Tatiana Klimov. Courtesy photo


Tatiana Klimov’s painting philosophy is to portray positive energy and happiness by splashing bright colors on canvas to share the beauty and inspiration she finds through her love of nature.

A native Russian from Saint Petersburg, Klimovfound her second home in Los Alamos 22 years ago. In spite of having a college degree in metallurgy,  most of her life she has worked in fashion and beauty business. In Russia, she owned and ran a private crafts school.

Shortly after relocating to the US, she opened her own business, Nature Care for Skin & Hair. She has always enjoyed designing and making clothes, knitting, crochet, quilt, and embroidery based on her own designs.  

Even as a child she had passion for art and especially drawing. Finally, around last spring she decided to serious pursue her desire for expressing her inner self in the form of “happy paintings.”


Painting by Susanne Harrison. Courtesy photo


“Do I paint because I love painting or because painting loves me?” Susznne Harrison asked. “I believe my creative process gives me much more than I give it. Allowing myself time to be creative is a gift I give to myself. And, when I don’t allow time to express myself creativity, I tend to end up in a moody funk. When I make art I feel an array of emotions that are not always good. Fortunately, the feelings change with the mix of each new color. I am always amazed with the end result, a finished painting.”

Painting by Susanne Harrison. Courtesy photo

Harrison’s favorite subjects to both draw and paint are flowers. She has been drawing and painting roses, iris and tulips for so long she says she can sketch them with her eyes closed.  

She mixes bold colors for her paintings, sometimes only three colors, and says she can sometimes imagine the scent of the flower coming off the canvas as she paints.  Her use of bold colors and strong lines encourages the viewer to observe the familiar in a new way.

Harrison used art to overcome adversity in her life both in sickness and in loss, and is thrilled to use her skills to initiate unique painting experiences for others.  

She has been teaching both adults and children how to use art materials to create their own masterpieces since 2000. In January 2017, Susanne began leading a Canvas & Cocktails Event with the Fuller Lodge Art Center at UnQuarked: The Wine Room and has since expanded to her own small business titled the Los Alamos Canvas Events. She likes to think of the guided painting events as mini getaways. She creates an environment where you can let go of day to day issues for a couple of hours and focus only on creating something fun.

Her mission is to bring the joy of painting to people that never painted before, people that haven’t painted in a while, and people who like painting in the Los Alamos community. Check out up-coming events at www.LACanvasEvents.com.