Longview Drive Work Expected To Begin Wednesday


Cable Com Permitting will be doing construction located at and along the area of 124 Longview Dr. from the northeast corner of Longview Drive before Village Place.

Work is expected to start Wednesday, May 29 and finish Friday, May 31.

During the span of two to three days, Bonnie View is closed to through traffic and will be re-routed through N.M. 4 to Sherwood or N.M. 4 to Rover Boulevard. West Longview Drive is closed to through traffic and will be re-routed to Rover Boulevard. An asphalt cut will be made across the street at 124 Longview by Little Saigon Restaurant. Crews will bore under the street on Longview Drive just south of Bonnie View Drive.

Workers will need to open cut the crossing to lay down two, 2-inch conduits to provide Comcast service to the area setting new pedestals in route.

The work may include an open cut trench and may require asphalt cut and replacement as well concrete cut and replacement, but workers hope to avoid any and all cuts and replacements all together.