Longtime Scientist Leaves LANL Foundation Bequest


Donald Rose, a retired longtime scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory named the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation and two other nonprofits as beneficiaries of a $700,800 annuity.

Mr. Rose died in April at the age of 91. He came to LANL in 1956, joined the Weapons Subsystem Group (WX-5) in 1982 and was named Assistant to the Deputy Associate Director for Defense Construction Programs in 1984. He retired in 1990, returning as an associate and later guest scientist at LANL until 2000.

His obituary said, “Don will always be remembered for his warmth, his smile and childlike curiosity of science, nature and people. He shaped many lives.”

Susan Herrera, Chief Executive Officer of the LANL Foundation, said he will “continue to shape lives through his unrestricted gift, which the Foundation will use to support education in Northern New Mexico.

“Mr. Rose’s generous gift shows how easy it is for people to make sure their good work lives on after them. The LANL Foundation welcomes simple bequests in a will, annuity, life insurance policy or charitable remainder trusts,” Herrera said. “People like this insure that we can continue to invest in education and human potential in perpetuity.”

Los Alamos National Bank acted as trustee for Rose during the last years of his life and following his death, and assisted in managing his variable annuity, a tax-advantaged means to invest and insure a lifetime income.