Local Youth Help Team Win State Championship Meets

Charger Aquatics News:

Top row from left, Sara Shiina, Sarah Lott, Kaan Unal, Radhika Iyer.
Bottom row from left, Presley Gao, Katherine Elton, Takuma Shiina, Injie Mourad and not in picture Maria Venneri. Courtesy Photo

The 14 & Under under New Mexico State Short Course Swim Meet was held Feb. 24-26 at West Mesa Aquatic Center in Albuquerque.

Eighteen teams from across New Mexico participated in the 3-day event and 112 different events were raced.

Nine swimmers from the Charger Aquatics – Los Alamos (CAQ-LA) team helped cinch the win that brought the 14 & Under state banner back to Los Alamos. CAQ-LA is a branch of Albuquerque Academy’s Charger Aquatics.

From Kaan Unal, Sarah Lott, Sam Harris, Maria Venneri, Sara Shiina and Radhika Iyer. Courtesy Photo

The branch team was started in September 2010 with one senior swimmer. In April 2011 it started an age group program and has grown to 20, ages 6 and over.

Kaan Unal (12) led the pack placing in the top 8 in seven individual events as well as four relays.  Maria Venneri (14) was top 10 in six individual events as well as 5 relays.  Sarah Lott (14) and Sara Shiina (12) both placed in the top 10 in five of the seven individual events they swam as well as the 5 relays Lott and 4 relays Shiina participated.

Radhika Iyer (12) and Presley Gao (9) also added to the team point totals with their individual and relay swims.  New state meet qualifiers Katherine Elton(9), Injie Mourad (9) and Takuma Shiina (9) had fun with great swims and cheering on their teammates.

(L-R – Kaan Unal, Sarah Lott, Sam Harris, Maria Venneri, Sara Shiina, Radhika Iyer)

Charger Aquatics repeated their first-place success this past weekend, March 3– 5, at the New Mexico Swimming Senior State Meet also at West Mesa Aquatic Center in Albuquerque.

Two CAQ-LA swimmers participated in this meet. Maria Venneri was again in the top 5 in all of her individual events bringing in 44 points to the team and helping her relay teams score 94 points.

Sam Harris (15) also had an impressive showing this past weekend scoring 37 individual points and helping his relay teams bring in an additional 38 points for the club.

14 & Under Combined Team Scores:

  1. Charger Aquatics                                             1192
  2. Vipers of Albuquerque Swim Team                1049
  3. Lobo Aquatic Club                                           960
  4. Swim Rio Rancho                                            368.5
  5. Duke City Aquatics                                          338.5
  6. ABQ Dolphins Swim Team                             185
  7. Las Cruces Aquatic Team                                134
  8. Clovis Swim Club                                            123
  9. Wild West Aquatic Club                                    94
  10. Santa Fe Aquatic Club                                       68
  11. Los Alamos Aquatomics                                   59
  12. Sudden Thunder Aquatic Racers                       50
  13. Taos Swim Club                                                48
  14. Northern Aquatic Club                                      28
  15. Albuquerque Triton Aquatic Club                     24
  16. San Juan Swim Club                                         16
  17. Pajarito Aquatic Club                                        11
  18. Tidal Wave Swim Team                                      6

Senior State Combined Team Scores:

  1. Charger Aquatics                                           1337.5
  2. Swim Rio Rancho                                          1160
  3. Vipers of Albuquerque Swim Tea                  1130
  4. Las Cruces Aquatic Team                                831
  5. Clovis Swim Club                                            555
  6. Duke City Aquatics                                          473
  7. Wild West Aquatic Club                                   370.5
  8. Sudden Thunder Aquatic Racers                      345
  9. Pajarito Aquatic Club                                        38
  10. Four Corners Aquatic Team                              36
  11. Tidal Wave Swim Team                                    18

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