Local Young Adult Patrollers Ski Silverton Mountain

Members of the Pajarito Mountain Young Adult Ski Patrol and advisors show their exuberance over the weekend on the streets of Silverton, Colo., from left, Ethan Aulwes, Kai Coblentz, Steve Maez, Elyse Phillips, Eric Schaller and Justin Holmes. Photo by David Phillips


View of the front side of Silverton Mountain from the lift. Some members of the Pajarito Mountain Young Adult Ski Patrol hiked all the way to the Billboard, the microwave reflector barely visible in the clouds. Photo by Eric Schaller

Young Adult Patrollers Elyse Phillips and Ethan Aulwes hike out of the bottom of Cabin, a very steep run at Silverton Mountain. Photo by Eric Schaller
SKI News:
Four Pajarito Mountain Young Adult Ski Patrollers Ethan Aulwes, Kai Coblentz, Justin Holmes and Elyse Phillips traveled to Silverton, Colo., March 31 to ski the all-expert level mountain.
They were accompanied by advisors David Phillips, Steve Maze and Eric Schaller.
“Although it involved some training about steeps skiing and how to move in avalanche terrain, the trip was more a reward for all of the hard work put in by our YAPs,” Schaller said. “They paid for the lift tickets themselves through fund raising last summer.”
All skiing at Silverton Mountain is black diamond or above. There are no blue or green runs and in addition to a lift ticket, skiers are required to have an avalanche beacon, probe and shovel to ski there.
Beacons are checked before skiers are allowed to board the lift, Schaller said. 
“There’s only one lift that takes you to the top of a giant ridge and from the top of that lift you hike out to the terrain,” Schaller said. “After skiing four runs at Silverton Mountain, even an expert skier feels that have had a big day.”
The patrol is gearing up to begin classes for outdoor emergency care certification which begins in the spring.
For more information, call Steve Maze, 505.490.5510.
Advisor Steve Maze at the bottom of Cabin. Photo by Eric Schaller
Young Adult Patroller Ethan Aulwes is ready to go at the top of the lift. Photo by Eric Schaller
Elyse Phillips and David Phillips have their skies strapped to their backs and are ready to start hiking up. (Note small figures hiking up in the background) Photo by Eric Schaller
Kai Coblentz crosses a stream while hiking to the shuttle from the base of Tiger Main. Photo by Eric Schaller
YAP Kai Coblentz, nearest the camera, hikes towards some of the most difficult terrain on the mountain. Photo by Eric Schaller
YAP Kai Coblentz ascends a fixed rope which has been placed to make it more possible to reach the highest points on the mountain. Photo by Eric Schaller
Eric Schaller is excited to reach the top, while an unknown person contemplates the hazards of the descent. Photo by Kai Coblentz
Kai Coblentz contemplates the view from the top. Photo by Eric Schaller
View of the little ski patrol/guide house at the top of the lift, from the top of Water Fall. Photo by Eric Schaller
Kai Coblentz pauses while skiing ‘Water Fall’. Photo by Eric Schaller