Local Woman Charged With Shoplifting

Aleah Stahl

Los Alamos Daily Post

Aleah Stahl, 36, of Los Alamos, has been charged with shoplifting, tampering with evidence and possession of a controlled substance following her arrest at Smith’s Marketplace April 12.

Stahl was allegedly observed by the store’s loss prevention manager selecting a phone charger and pencil case in the electronics aisle. Stahl then allegedly removed the charger from its plastic bag, took the inventory control tag off it and placed it in the pencil case.

In a statement made to Cpl. Ben Hinrichs, the loss prevention manager said she observed Stahl walk toward the self-check-out area where she allegedly placed the merchandise in a plastic grocery bag and passed through the checkout area without attempting to pay for the charger or the pencil bag. The loss prevention manager approached Stahl as she exited the store and asked her to come back to the store to discuss the merchandise she had taken. At the loss prevention office, Stahl allegedly verbally admitted to intending to steal the items and further confessed to stealing several times in the past.

Hinrichs read Stahl her Miranda rights but his report says she was unwilling to give any clear answer. He allegedly told her she was being arrested for shoplifting. On arrival at the Los Alamos Police Detention Center, Hinrichs said Stahl was asked three times to give police and detention officers any contraband she was attempting to conceal on her person.

Stahl allegedly admitted to having makeup hidden in her bra and asked for privacy to remove her bra. Detention officers accommodated her request but Hinrichs said that because she was fidgeting, had dry mouth, and was unable to answer direct questions, she was placed in a room and continually monitored.