Local Volunteer Shares Small Acts Of Kindness

Miguel Hoffman volunteers his time and talent to remove dead branches on old Ponderosa pine trees around the Hans Bethe House. Courtesy/Los Alamos Historical Society

Executive Director

Often large contributions get the spotlight while small acts of kindness go unrecognized … but the generosity of Miguel Hoffman has not gone unnoticed. 

Hoffman grew up in Los Alamos and is now giving back to the community by donating his time and talents to help tend history. He recently provided his expertise to the Los Alamos Historical Society in a way few might realize as a volunteer opportunity.

“We were concerned about the dead branches on some of our old Ponderosa pine trees around the Hans Bethe House, falling this winter,” said Los Alamos Historical Society Executive Director Liz Martineau. “His willingness to use his talents and experience to help the Historical Society take care of these old trees is a real blessing.”

Martineau knows that when people like Miguel volunteer their time and talent to keep our historic properties looking great it makes our community a better place.

Hoffman is a certified arborist specializing in tree preservation and risk mitigation. His certifications include Tree Risk Assessment Qualification, Electrical Lineman Certification and he is an associate member of the Asthetic Pruner’s Association. He is knowledgeable about arborist issues and available for consultations.

“The Los Alamos History Museum relies on the generosity of members and volunteers,” Martineau said. “One unique thing about our nonprofit is that we own properties, which offers amazing opportunities for the community, but (like any old property) they require a great deal of care.”

The Los Alamos Historical Society needs people with special skills: landscaping, plumbing, construction, electricity, graphic design, data and more. They invite those interested to visit their historic properties to see if their skill meets a need at the Los Alamos Historical Society.