Local Veteran Needs Community’s Support

Los Alamos
Good morning everyone;
The American Legion, Post 90 in Los Alamos just got notice that a local WWII veteran (35 missions in Europe with the Army Air Corps), needs assistant getting his yard up to code. 
He has been issued warnings by the county and cannot afford to pay someone to do the yard work. Nor can he physically do it himself as he is 96. A walk down of the space reveals that with a minimum of six to eight folks, two mowers and a couple weedeaters we could knock this out in no more than four hoursthe more who show up, the quicker it will go.
We also will need someone with a trailer, we have two trucks right now, so another couple of trucks or someone with a trailer that can be loaded with yard waste would be a big help; coordination has already happened to line up the free dumps of the yard waste. 
Contact with the Boy Scouts for assistance in loading the trailers also has taken place. If the volunteers could bring shovels, rakes and any other yard tools, it would help. With a lot of people working together, it will be important to ensure everyone protects themselves; please bring hats, gloves, eye protection, water, sunscreen and work shoes. 
Anyone wishing to volunteer, please muster at Spruce Street no later than 8 a.m., Saturday morning. 
For questions or concerns and to keep an eye on resources, people are asked to contact Ed McDaris at em93116@gmail.com or call his cell phone at 719.244.7637. So, can we work together to show a local veteran that we support him, the way he showed us when his country needed him, he was there!
Let’s do it together! I know this is short notice but it’s what we’ve got to work with.
Thank you for your consideration and support.