Local Tech Support Company Issues Scam Warning!

ECS / Piñon PC Support News: 

By Heather Burke

Recently I have been hearing from several of our clients of a determined effort by phone-based help-desk vendors pushing services in addition to the ones requested by the caller.   

My clients are certain that they are calling the actual companies of AOL, Dell, McAfee, etc. 

But it turns out that they are actually calling one of many rogue companies that then push for additional services by demonstrating false errors on your pc. 

Scenario: You search on Google for the tech-support phone number for AOL, Dell, etc. because you need assistance in something rather trivial. 

You pick an entry from the top of the Google search results list. The tech on the phone answers your call and then suggests that they can connect to your PC and fix the issue for you. 

“Yes” you say, and they connect in. Shortly after that they show you a diagnostic screen suggesting that you have a great deal wrong with your PC and that for an additional $150, they would be glad to clear up these issues for you. STOP!

At this point you should be highly suspicious. Reputable companies would not try to intimidate you with scary reports nor would they suggest that more paid services are required.

Just today a client came in our door with this exact scenario. She had called 855-863-1508 thinking that she was calling McAfee.

After all, she had Googled “McAfee support” and this listing was on the top of the page of the search results from Google.   

The genuine McAfee.com web page was farther down in the search results. 

Here are examples of rogue help sites that you might easily stumble into:

  1.  Kaspersky Support 24/71 (877) 780 0753

kaspersky-support.guruaid.com/41 seller reviews

Get Help from Kaspersky Experts. Free Diagnosis! Call 1-855-242-2808

Fix & Repair Virus ProblemsFree DiagnosisCall Toll Free @ 1-855-242-2810

  1. Get Avast Antivirus Help & Support – Call GuruAid Tech Experts


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Just call us at 855 863 1508 to chat with a certified expert and get instant support for Avast Antivirus to make your computer virus free. Related Links …

  1. Avast Antivirus Support – Call (US Toll Free) 1-888-466-7321.


Online Support for Avast Antivirus

When you are looking online for a company’s phone number for tech-support, look closely at their website listed in the blurb.   

Legitimate corporate websites will be: something.mcafee.com , something.dell.com, etc. The above example of kaspersky-support.guruaid.com shows you that the website you would be going to is guruaid.com

Guruaid.com is one of many India based companies offering service contracts for pc tech support. While they might be genuine techs offering support, they have demonstrated that they use fear-based techniques to get the client to purchase additional services.

If you actually go to some of these suspicious tech support web sites, you might see wonderful prose like this: (from http://www.pccare247.com)

Of late, it’s time to kiss goodbye to your PC afflictions with PCCare247

Do recurrent technical snags have doomed your PC towards a brusque end? Now no more of getting persecuted silently from the hands of notorious PC blues as PCCare247 – a condominium of peerless online technical support is up with its spanking new tech support services.

With PCCare247round the corner, you now don’t have to ponder upon your PC problems twice as our tech connoisseurs are well able to drudge into the very core of every unrelenting PC issues thus bringing back those forgotten rosy streaks to your PC experience.

Bringing for you a slew of avant-garde tech support services, PCCare247 has proved its mettle in doling out extensive support for your operating systems, software, PC security, browsers, networks, printers, display drivers, camera, USB key, scanners, mp3 player and the list goes on.

So, just sit back and relax and allow us to do wonders for you!

As usual, the bottom line is: be very skeptical. Never let a tech connect to your pc unless you are completely sure that they are from the company they purport to represent.

Microsoft will never call you to say that your pc is infected, the email from the FBI is not real, and pop-up windows with threatening messages are not legit. 

For more information, contact Enterprise Computing Systems, LLC at info@eEComputingSystems.com or Piñon PC Support at hkburke@pinonpc.com or call 662-5450.




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