Local Fundraising For Europe 2016 Educational Trip

Have a college student studying for finals? Want to surprise them with a fun gift? Send them a personalized care package this week.

Local high school seniors are putting the care packages together to raise funds for their educational tour in Europe next summer.

Care packages are $30 and will be shipped this Friday. They will be filled with items to help college kids through their exams such as: hot cocoa, inspirational quotes, tea, Emergen-C packets, stress balls, pens, pencils, tissues, jokes, candy, homemade goodies, a supportive note, local treats, and more.

To order, contact a Europe 2017 traveler or email tour leader Lynn Ovaska at: lynnovaska@gmail.com. Make sure to include recipient name and address, as well as special messages or dietary needs. Orders must be received by noon Thursday.

Checks made payable to: Europe 2017or deposit directly into LANB account.

Europe 2017 is a group of 11 graduating seniors who want to learn about the world before they head to college. Ovaska has been leading this trips since 2012. “It has been an honor to share these trips with young adults just as they launch into the world. My former travelers really have become citizens of the world. Many in my first group just graduated from college and almost all of them studied abroad or did work that connected them to the bigger world.”

This year’s tour is 11 days in Switzerland, Italy, and France. Students will explore the Alps, see the wonders of Venice, experience the ancient history and culture of Rome and the Vatican, and adventure along the French Riviera. http://www.eftours.com/educational-tour/switzerland-italy-france

Look for Europe 2017 Travelers in the month of December as they sell their coffee and crafts throughout the community.


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