Local Crossfit Athletes Break State Records

Mairen Hoch, 11, center, of Los Alamos broke the youth state record in the clean and jerk in the Olympic weightlifting competition at the New Mexico Games June 3 at UNM Athletic Center. Courtesy Photo​

Kim Hoch of Los Alamos earned gold during the Olympic weightlifting competition. Courtesy photo​

Kelly Gill of Los Alamos broke the state record in the snatch during the New Mexico Games June 3. Courtesy Photo​


Athletes from Crossfit Los Alamos competed in Olympic weightlifting in the New Mexico Games held June 3 at the UNM Athletic Center. Kelly Gill, Kim Hoch and Mairen Hoch all brought home gold in their age and weight categories. 

Gill broke a state record in the snatch, and Mairen Hoch set a youth state record in the clean and jerk and Kim Hoch brought home gold in weightlifting. All three qualify for Nationals in 2018.

According to the New Mexico Games website, the mission of the games is “to have each city and individuals from each city throughout New Mexico compete and form new and lasting relationships is truly what the Game are all about.”

It is further reported on the website that the New Mexico Games hosts competition annually in the summer in the following sports: arm wrestling, archery, badminton, baseball, BMX Bike racing, basketball, bowling, judo, karate, kickball, racquetball, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field, indoor volleyball, outdoor volleyball, weight lifting and wrestling.

The games are held annually in different venues in New Mexico, and promote 20 sports, specifically targeting competition and sportsmanship, according the New Mexico Games website.

“We invite participants of all ages to compete, as well as develop relationships with both New Mexicans and guest alike,” organizers stated on the website.