Local Branch Manager Nadine Martinez Builds Career She Loves At Enterprise Bank & Trust

Branch Manager Nadine Martinez in her office at Enterprise Bank. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/ladailypost.com

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Los Alamos Daily Post

When Enterprise Bank & Trust Los Alamos Branch Manager Nadine Martinez was a little girl, she loved visiting the bank with her grandmother. She’d grow up to channel that childhood interest into a successful career.

Martinez has been working in banking since 2004. She joined Enterprise in August 2010 as a loan specialist and was later promoted to other roles including branch manager in White Rock, then moving to her current post.

“The branch manager is responsible for teaching and leading the staff,” Martinez said. “Los Alamos is one of the largest branches and it can be challenging.”

In addition to her role as a leader, Martinez also does timekeeping, staffing and deals with client issues among other things.

“We do a bit of everything,” she said. “If need be, I can jump into a teller window and fill in. My interactions with clients and the staff are the most rewarding part of the job. You must be a people person to do this job. I certainly get to talk a lot. You need a positive attitude and an ability to embrace change.”

For example, the changes to procedures necessitated by the pandemic caused the branch to find creative ways of getting things done, Martinez said.

“We now have new ways to help clients from a distance,” she said.

Her skills as a people person and her desire to build a career with a future have been nurtured at

Enterprise, Martinez said.

She pointed out that the bank promotes from within and all the branch managers in New Mexico are women. The president of the Los Alamos Region also is a woman.

“It is a privilege to be part of the Enterprise team. We are committed to creating a diverse and transparent culture that celebrates and recognizes our talented associates and supports our local communities,” said Liddie Martinez, Los Alamos Region President & Director of Community Engagement at Enterprise.

“I advise young people that banking is a good career. If you come in as a teller, we can help you find the best job for you and help you succeed,” Martinez said. “The bank will even help with education. I also love it that the bank promotes a work/life balance. The bank promotes our happiness and that pays off.”

Work/life balance will be front and center for Martinez soon. She and her partner Tim Branch are expecting a baby in January. She’ll get help from her family, who live in northern New Mexico, which will make things a bit easier. Her staff of 14 is prepared to step up in her absence, Martinez said.

“I’m planning to return to work after maternity leave,” she said. “I love my job!”