Local Blue Sky Pilates Studio Has Classes For Everyone

A class underway at Blue Sky Pilates. Courtesy photo
“I had no idea that there was a Pilates studio in Los Alamos.” Up until recently, Pilates classes were difficult to find. The same could have been said for Los Alamos, but not anymore. Now, there is a dedicated Pilates studio here – Blue Sky Pilates is at 2101 Trinity Dr., Suite A, across from Ashley Pond.
Blue Sky Pilates holds 22 classes per week to accommodate any schedule and skill level. Classes include Mat, Reformer, Pilates for Seniors, Chair, TRX, Stick, and MOTRTM. Private sessions are offered for new clients.
Pilates incorporates controlled breathing, precise movements, concentration, and helps the body relax and relieves stress. This phenomenal method is a series of exercises that helps strengthen the body through the use of mats and specialized equipment.
Owner Mary Lutes PMA-CPT has been studying the Pilates Method for more than 12 years. She began to use Pilates as a low impact form of exercise to help with debilitating pain caused by Fibromyalgia.
As a result, she now works with clients who experience all sorts of physical disabilities and ailments. Lutes recently passed the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certification exam, which required nearly 700 hours of training. She received her training through Balanced Body.
Sabrina Svard is an instructor with Lutes at Blue Sky Pilates. She has more than 30 years experience in various fields of the fitness world. She is certified in Classical Pilates through Peak Pilates Systems, PhysicalMind Institute and trained in Essential and Intermediate Stott Pilates. 
Between the two of them, the instructors at Blue Sky Pilates have  more than 40 years of experience, making Blue Sky Pilates the largest and most well equipped Pilates studio in Los Alamos.
“If you are Pilates strong, you can accomplish anything.” “Let Pilates help you do what you do, just better.”
The Pilates Method
This method includes exercises that promote the strengthening of the body, often using specialized equipment. Blue Sky Pilates has such classes to accommodate all schedules and all skill levels.
One such class is the standing/sitting class. The standing/sitting Pilates class that Blue Sky Pilates offers is a nontraditional Pilates class created to accommodate people with disabilities, mobility issues, or people recovering from surgery.
Rather than being performed on a mat or reformer, this class is performed on chairs. Traditional mat exercises will be taught while in a standing and sitting position.
This class is offered 9:30-10:15 a.m., Wednesdays and taught by Svard.
Class sizes are limited to no more than 10 participants. This class also is an easier alternative to traditional mat Pilates while still being just as effective as traditional Pilates methods.
For information regarding classes and the benefits of Pilates, visit website here or contact Lutes at blueskypilates@hotmail.com or 505.412.5762.
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