Local Author Explores Sustainability, Practical Economics Through Fiction

BOOK News:

Longtime Los Alamos resident Cary Neeper’s second novel, “The Webs of Varok” launches Tuesday, Dec. 4.

California micropublisher Penscript Publishing House will release the book to online booksellers in hardcopy, paperback and ebook formats.

The second book in “The Archives of Varok” series, this young‐adult/crossover science fiction title follows the human and alien cast from Neeper’s 1975 first‐contact novel A Place Beyond Man as they leave a troubled 21st Century Earth for the promise of stability on another world.

What will it take to secure that promise, after a talented traitor sets her eye on the world’s wealth—and their fragile new family?

“The Webs of Varok is the story of a mixed family gambling their trust in each other against the power of greed,” Neeper said. “Their challenges and progress on an alien world threatened by overgrowth portray in fiction some positive solutions to our current dilemmas here on Earth.”

Weaving real issues into the fabric of the story, Neeper illustrates sustainability and ecological economics though vivid example.

She explores trade‐offs in planetary stewardship through the adventures of her amiable aliens on a veiled moon of Jupiter.

“The characters represent ourselves in one way or another,” Neeper said. “They argue as we do about things that seem impossible to change, or differences in outlook that seem impossible to understand.”

Readers can begin the book today; free preview chapters are available online at ArchivesofVarok.com.

Dr. Neeper is an avid student of sustainability, steady‐state economics and the impact of cosmology on issues of science and religion.

In addition to the Archives of Varok novels, she has written two musical science fiction comedies and book reviews for The Christian Science Monitor.

She studied zoology/chemistry and religion at Pomona College and earned her doctorate in medical microbiology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison before moving with her husband to Los Alamos to raise their family.

The Neepers still live in northern New Mexico with a friendly menagerie of dogs, fish and fowl. She paints landscapes in acrylics, including the cover art for The Webs of Varok, and blogs at CaryNeeper.com/blog.htm.


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