Local Adopt-a-Family Program Seeks Sponsors

Staff Report

The seasons are changing and it is once again that time of year in which so many generously offer assistance to those in need. One way to do this is through the Adopt-a-Family program.        

The Adopt-a-Family program was founded several years ago and has assisted many local Los Alamos and surrounding area residents. In 2003, Margie Gillespie, long time program coordinator, had to step down and the Los Alamos Alpha Zeta chapter of Beta Sigma Phi took on the challenge of coordinating the Adopt-a-Family program.

This year, the focus is on assisting families in the Los Alamos Public School systems. The group has gathered names from Los Alamos school counselors and to date, there are more than 60 nominees.

It is Alpha Zeta’s mission to see that all families be placed with an adoptive sponsor or organization. Call Kate Stoddard at 505.672.2746 or 505.412.1619 with any questions or to adopt a family.

You may request a family of a certain size, age of children, county, or specific need. The group will try to match your request. Let them know if you have any children in your family as Alpha Zeta will not pair you with a family that has a child in the same school as your child. Sponsors will be given information sheet about the family. It will list clothing sizes, children’s ages, wants, and needs. It will not list any names or personal household information.

The program consists of, at a minimum, supplying a food gift certificate to a grocery store, one gift of necessity (such as an article of clothing) for each child in the family, and one “want” (such as a book/toy) per child in the family. Supplying more than this is fabulous but at your discretion. We also have information on the parent(s), so that if you would like to and are able, you may provide something for the parent(s) as well.

The gifts need to be wrapped and labeled (e.g., boy-age 7, mom, girl-age 12, etc.) and dropped off  1-6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 19 at the Christian Church, located at 92 East Road (Hwy 502) in Los Alamos. If you like, you may include a signed card with your names and/or organization’s name.

If you cannot adopt an entire family but would still like to help, call 505.672.2746 or 505.412.1619. Any donation will be put to good use, monetary or otherwise. Also consider jointly adopting a family with your work group, neighbor, or other organization.