Link Crew Welcomes Freshmen To LAHS

Freshman Cooper Frank with Link Crew member Alix Hailey during the pumpkin carving contest organized by the group. Photo by Serenity Maestas/
Los Alamos Daily Post
Student Intern

Los Alamos High School has an interesting club called Link Crew consisting of upperclassmen who bond and advise freshmen students. Teacher Jonathan Lathrop is the club’s advisor.

Every year, the day before the first day of school, Link Crew organizes Freshmen Orientation, in which they walk the freshmen around campus and help them find their classes, lockers, and get to know each other better.

Monday, Oct. 30, the club organized a pumpkin carving contest in which each crew member got free pizza and there was a contest to carve the best pumpkin. The finalists displayed their jack-o-lanterns in the main lobby of the school on Halloween.

Link Crew member Alix Hailey shared her experience with the club.

“As a freshman, I looked up to my Link Crew leaders and knew I wanted to be a part of Link Crew when I was older,” Hailey said. “I do think it has a positive effect on freshmen because it gives them a chance to meet other freshmen and also some upperclassmen. It’s a great way to get introduced to the high school. When I was a freshman, I was extremely scared and nervous to go to high school and my Link Crew leaders were very positive and inviting, which made the transition much smoother. My favorite part about Link Crew is seeing my crew in the halls and saying hi. It’s a good way to meet freshmen, too!

One of Hailey’s crew members is freshman Cooper Frank.

“Link Crew made my freshmen year easier because I knew where I was going,” Frank said. “Pumpkin carving was fun because there was pizza. I will most likely join Link Crew when I am older.”

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