Life After 50: You Never Know How Far You’ll Go

Executive Director

Happy National Volunteer Week! Volunteer work is what got me where I am today. I started out as a mom at Chamisa and ended up the shepherd of tending the community’s greatest treasure. That treasure, the two local senior centers, tend the people that built this community, and the generation that has followed after them.

This week we recognize the senior volunteers, age 55 and older, the little engines that make our centers and many local non-profits go. These are the volunteers who answer the phones, host the tours, serve the food, make the quilts and so much more.

The number of volunteer hours is enormous, and the work they help to accomplish is staggering. I speak for the goals of our senior centers when I say we couldn’t do it without them.

I know of two senior volunteers, who were asked by their non-profits to take temporary part-time jobs until vacancies could be filled by new staff. In a world gone crazy with many jobs available, their efforts allowed the non-profits to take their time to hire and train new people in a thoughtful manner. It allowed for a more seamless transition, continuity and less stress.

Volunteers are astounding with their upbeat personalities, willingness to help their fellow man, and compassion filled kindness. The last two years have been a challenge and we’re happy to acknowledge the efforts after two years of not being able to accomplish the goal. The event for members of the Los Alamos Volunteer Program, also called RSVP, will take place this Friday, April 22.

The staff has arranged for acknowledgement for those not ready for an in-door event, although seating outdoors has been arranged, too. One just needs to call 505.662.8920 and tell the team, if you prefer to attend in person or receive goodies at a later date.

We love our volunteers more than I can say. Some staff are stretched to the gills every day. Our volunteers allow us to take a break, fill in where needed elsewhere, or even a moment to eat our lunch. We feel like our volunteers and our seniors are family. We strive hard to meet the goals of each new day, new challenge and new opportunity, together.

We thank you.

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