Life After 50: ‘Some Good News’

‘Some Good News’ host John Krasinski

Executive Director
Los Alamos Retired & Senior Organization

This will be a week to encourage positivity and look for things that make you happy. If you know a young person graduating, wish them well and find a way to acknowledge their success.

As the world begins to return to normal, please thank those who serve in our local grocery stores. They are working harder than you can imagine. Recently, I witnessed two Smith’s employees admonished by a customer in a very harsh way. They have to follow rules and are often just doing their job, to keep shelves stocked for us. Please, thank them.

Locally, Some Good News is coming down the pipeline. That rainbow that may come during the rain is the virtual opening of Mesa Public Library. County staff are working hard to see how it can be done and there will be a happiness like no other, of that I am sure. The closing of libraries has been hard on many people and their sun may shine again soon. Tell them how much you missed them.

If you have the luxury of doing things online, “Some Good News” is the place to be weekly. The way too brief show is hosted by John Krasinski on YouTube. While he did it to shine a light on kindness, I am certain as a world, we would pay to see it. If it could be aired for 30 minutes on TV, they could make millions. You can see them at

The show has a Facebook page and is raising funds for non-profits by selling their swag, at They have done a tribute to 2020 graduates, and saluted the frontline personnel of hospitals. They celebrate good deeds, in an attempt to boost spirits across the world. Krasinski even got his license to marry and held a surprise wedding. We occasionally get a visit by the new Mary Poppins, so life is good.

If you are still in need of a mood boosting effort then one with dogs is even better. All you have to do is google, Woof Woof TV. You might also find it on Facebook. It is a delightful, laugh out loud, type of page. If you put it into your stream of things to see, you could be greeted daily by some heart-warming fun. It is the only way I can understand spending hours online.

Finally, the senior centers thank you for the random acts of kindness, of things left at the senior centers. The items have included crossword puzzles and word search books, hand drawn child art, homemade cards and more. A special highlight has been rocks with sweet sayings, nice graphics and kind words. A few of those rocks were even old school, pet rocks. We have been able to gift candies, chocolate and store wrapped cookies and cards, to folks not having a good day. It has brought light in a dark moment and uplifted our vulnerable community population, and for that I thank you.

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