Life After 50: Happy Everything!

The seniors centers are hosting an online Festival of Trees. Visit, the Senior Center Facebook pages, or see mini displays in their front windows. Call 505.662.8920, for more information. Courtesy photo
A quilt donated for the annual Festival of Trees event. Courtesy photo
Executive Director


The clock is running on the first annual Virtual Festival of Trees.

You see, one day we may feel like this year maybe it won’t happen, but then the next day, some 40 items arrive and the magic is officially underway.

The good news is that we get to celebrate longer than any year, because unfortunately we have lots of room. We’ve even considered extending our finish date, because we have so much work taking place at the same time. There are lots of fun things to see, and our goal is to do it in several ways. We hope one of them meets your needs.

If you are on social media, the bulk of the event takes place on our Facebook pages. You come, you see, you bid and then the next day we post a few more items. We have about a dozen items posted so far and they range in sizes from mini, to tabletop to about 4 feet. The prices are reasonable, and the best thing is the money all stays local, because we are feeding senior citizens, in our community.

Would you like to help out a senior side lined during the pandemic? We’re even trying to help our members by showcasing and selling their wares. You check them out, contact them for the sale and we do the rest. The senior center can be a pickup and drop off location to ensure a contact free delivery.

A small display has been set up in the window of each center. As long as social distancing is followed, community members are welcome to stroll past either facility or check out the changing display prior to each weekend. It is just one way, we can try and allow people to see the trees if they don’t have access to technology. If you have questions, feel free to leave us a message. While we struggle a bit to get photos posted but continue to list new things daily.

Soon small paper trees will make an appearance in our windows, in hopes of adoption. You see the Festival of Trees was a way to get items donated, for us to provide those in need, those that struggle financially, those without family and this year especially, those that are alone.

The theme is, “Be the Light,” in hopes that you will bring some light to a senior citizen in our community. You can donate whatever you’d like during this crazy time. Naturally, we will quarantine items and even package them up for you.

If you need some ideas, it can be something simple like, a puzzle, a board game, some towels, nice soaps, lotions, even the kind for men. Perhaps, you would like to donate new books, coloring books for adults, fancy candies cookies or especially sugar-free items. There’s always socks, small stuffed animals, fun masks that might bring a smile. You can even donate brand name toilet paper, because sometimes that is hard to come by lately.

Got questions, call us at 5050.662.8920.