Library System: What’s On The New Book Lists?

Welcome to the third in a series of posts outlining tips and tricks for using the new Library catalog “New Book Lists” – What‘s on the lists?
In our new catalog, patrons will see revolving carrousels of covers in the center of the screen. The carrousels present users with reading, listening and viewing choices from several convenient lists of popular and current titles.
Patrons can browse the lists and place holds on titles of interest by clicking the “Find in my library” button. The lists are updated daily and most of them include titles received in the library within the last 30 days.
The most notable exception to this rule is the “Coming Soon” list, which includes titles that have been placed on order within the last seven days. These titles are not available to users yet, but holds can be placed on these items.
The Lists Include:
  • Coming Soon (includes titles of all genres and formats)
  • New Adult Books (includes adult and teen books from all fiction and non-fiction collections)
  • New Movies (includes all new youth, teen and adult movies)
  • New Music (includes all new youth, teen and adult music)
  • Staff Favorites 2015 (includes titles of all genres and formats, picked by our staff members)
  • New York Times Hardcover Fiction (includes titles in our catalog featured on the weekly NYT best seller list)
  • New York Times Hardcover Non-Fiction (includes titles in our catalog featured on the weekly NYT best seller list)
Library users particularly interested in new titles for Kids and Teens can find lists of new titles and the NYT lists for these age groups by entering the ‘Teen Zone” or the “Kids Spot”. Go to these kids and teen rooms by clicking the large blue and purple buttons on the left hand side of the catalog.
If you are struggling with the new catalog we are happy to help. Just ask at any of the service desks or call 505.662.8253 to schedule a longer, in depth training session.
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