Letter To The Letter: Zip Code 87547

Longtime resident of White Rock

Concerning zip code 87547 for White Rock: Will it be “deja vu all over again” (to quote Yogi Berra)?

The USPS recently sent us a letter that our zip code in White Rock starting July 1 will be 87547. When they built the branch post office in White Rock a decade or so ago, we were to be zip code 87546. They even had that number on the outside of the newly-built building.

But then they changed their mind, and kept us as 87544.

If you look at the zip code on the outside of the White Rock P.O. branch building, the last 4 of the zip code is faded, because it was a cheap replace for the 6 that was put there when the building was built. 

So will the USPS change their minds again? Or will they make the 7 of good material? We shall see, again.