Letter To The Editor: Your Kids Are Watching (And Mine Are Too)

By A Third-Generation America
Los Alamos

“Let’s move because of those Chinese people over there.” My kids continued to play, oblivious to the racist remark the mom of three had just made at Mesa. I was seething.

Fake coughs, lots of them. Oh, you think you’re so funny, jogger mom at Canyon Rim, exercising dude at Urban Park, and fellow patron at Smith’s?

There’s also the teenagers who screamed terrible, racist things at my parents as they drove by, twice.

Racism and hate are not funny nor comedic, as Hank Azaria and Jay Leno have had to admit.

Moms, dads, and any others in Los Alamos who are prone to think racist thoughts and even act on them—please do better. Your kids watch you and will follow your example. Do you like to teach them hate and bullying?

We are third-generation Americans and even if we weren’t, you should still show respect and tolerance. That is the American way, not hate and divisiveness. 

Your hate will eat away at you; please be careful.

Praying Los Alamos can truly be a beacon on the hill, where great minds and great hearts reside.

P.S. Thank you, Olivia Koo, for the outstanding letter you wrote a couple of weeks ago. 

You can learn more at stopaapihate.org.

Editor’s note: The author of this letter made their self known to the Post but asked that their name be withheld for fear of retaliation.