Letter To The Letter: A Vote ‘FOR’ HB33

Los Alamos
As a resident and homeowner, my property value is dependent on the quality of the schools. I support the HB33 Referendum AND open enrollment.

My vote “FOR” means that I make a major contribution to school quality for less than $1 per day. I ensure that my community has access to well-maintained school facilities for concerts, performances, meetings, and, activities.

I provide our children with updated technology, musical instruments, sports equipment, and activity buses. I make sure today’s students have the quality resources my own children had at LAPS.

I support Open Enrollment students, too. They represent 16 percent of our students, and they don’t attend for free. LAPS receives their per pupil funds from the state, which help pay teacher salaries, supplies, materials, and operational expenses. They fill under-enrolled classes, allowing us to retain quality teachers and continue offering electives that we might otherwise lose.

Virtually all of our out-of-district students have parents that work in Los Alamos and contribute to the economic base, adding to our gross receipts taxes and keeping many local businesses profitable. They frequent our coffee shops and restaurants, fill up on gas, shop at local stores, stock up on groceries. Their parents add to our volunteer base, participate in our fundraising, and share rich cultural traditions.

With open enrollment bringing extra operational dollars, my referendum dollars go further to ensure the quality of our buildings and resources – adding value to our homes and community.

Vote “FOR” our children, our schools and our greater community!