Letter To The Editor: Yes Leadership Takes Courage…

Los Alamos

It was a great pleasure to see Tony Fox insist that the Council recognize that voting against the rec bond is not identical with voting against the rec projects. One may be fiscally conservative and still be in favor of some quality of life improvements and infrastructure development.

And while Dr. Shin is indeed correct that quantification is not precise, it is certainly clear that everyone who voted for the bond is also in favor of the projects. Now if only one in 10 fiscal conservatives are nonetheless also in favor of at least some of the rec projects, a small fraction, then there is also a majority in favor of  of those projects.

It is good that the CIP funds will be reviewed for how much we can already afford. However, we certainly can afford something. The improvement of Ashley (Pond) Pond is an example of how much can be added to our enjoyment of Los Alamos.

I suppose we do have to vote on bonds, but the question now arises as to what the Council itself is for. If all questions are referred directly to voters, we are returned to direct instead of representative government. No, it is incumbent on the Councillors, as our elected representatives, to make their best judgment of both the wishes of the electorate and what they conclude is best for the County to do. That’s called leadership and yes, it does take courage — you may be voted out of office at the next election even if you do make the decision that is best for the County in the long run.

To modernize an old saw, Councillors must decide whether they are humans or beasts.


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