Letter To The Editor: Wow! Wonderful Letters In Support Of HB33 Referendum

Los Alamos

Wow! I have read such wonderful letters, in support of HB33 Referendum for our schools. 

Los Alamos has schools that we can truly be proud of. Money at the state level is pretty lean and in the past few elections we have passed the referendums to show our support of education. This is how we contribute to our future. 

The maintenance of our facilities, as well as keeping up technology and providing activities all help to provide excellence in education. The good news is, your tax rate won’t go up.

Also, our out of district kids are children of people who work in Los Alamos and are a valuable asset. Without these students we would have probably had to cut classes, teachers and maybe schools before now. We use the money they bring in to help maintain our great schools. Look at the high ratings of our schools. We did it together!

Please vote Yes to support our schools.