Letter To The Editor: Worthy Woman

Los Alamos

We usually don’t write an opinion letter to the newspaper. After receiving a derogatory flyer in the mail against Christine Chandler, we decided to write an opinion supporting Christine Chandler for the New Mexico House Dist. 43.

Christine and I (Nancy) worked together on two cases at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and I found her excellent in working with the facts and picking out the truth for a fair, legal decision. Christine has always listened, weighed the facts and worked hard for the people of Los Alamos.

As with all community issues, there are always two sides. We have found Christine to be a good listener for both sides. When choosing a path forward, Christine will weigh people’s input before deciding a course of action.

Christine is a highly motivated, hard-working woman who will be an asset for Dist. 43.  She is an advocate for education and working families. As a lawyer Christine will help reform the criminal justice system. We believe she is the best candidate for the job.