Letter To The Editor: Women’s Equality Day Aug. 26

Aug. 26 is the 95th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote.
The League of Women Voters of New Mexico honors the amazing women who fought with unrelenting tenacity to achieve the most powerful extension of citizenship rights in our nation’s history.  
We urge voters to participate in the political process. You are the important element in a healthy democracy. As our founder Carrie Chapman Catt said, the vote is “a tool to build a better nation, to provide for the common welfare, and to help humanity upward.”
Look for our candidate forums, educational materials on issues, registration drives, and trusted and timely election information in our Voter Guides. We believe our democracy is strongest when every voice is heard. For true equality, we need fair access for all eligible voters. Together we can try to reduce the influence of money in politics.