Letter To The Editor: Wither The Good Samaritan In Los Alamos?

Los Alamos
Regarding Stephanie Nakhleh’s poignant letter about the injured cyclist and supposed absence of Los Alamos Good Samaritans, who didn’t stop, here are some thoughts:
1) She is A good Samaritan, an ethical stranger that stopped to help an injured traveler!
2) In the words of Lewis Carroll: ‘The Hurrier I go, the Behinder I get’.
Drivers analyze and react to situations that are complex, changing quickly, by making semi-unconscious decisions – go, stop, avoid, and navigate normal driving situations. Things can go south quickly!  
But my point is: It is not anyone’s fault or ethical lapse, that more good Samaritans didn’t stop to help you out with the injured cyclist! You did an excellent job of it.  
In thirty plus years here, I have never seen, nor heard, or read of a injured human (or many animals) left alone, on our roadways. Depending on the complexity of the accident ONE person is usually enough, given the ubiquity of cell phones, our Los Alamos Police and 911 responders.  
People may take good Samaritanism to extremes by making medical decisions on the spot. Before you get blood on your hands, call 911, no exceptions.  
Watch out for innocents on bikes, trikes, razors, skateboards, and motorized devices! We need all of them to make a vibrant living community, and to offer up an occasional needed good Samaritan!