Letter to the Editor: With Dog Ownership, Comes Responsibility

Los Alamos

Its unfortunate when citizens have to petition the government for a redress of grievances as simple as asking a neighbor to control their dog, but civilization in Los Alamos seems to have come to that.

In our case, we have few problems with incessant barking, but I have, on occasion, walked to the street to get the morning paper and barely avoided a “soft landing” on something left on the sidewalk by a neighbor walking his or her dog.

It should go without saying that good citizenship means cleaning up after your dog when it drops a reminder of its presence in a heavily used public space such as a sidewalk, just as it should go without saying that if you have a dog, it is your responsibility, not the dog’s, to not disturb the peace when there is no good reason to do so (a dog barking about an intruder is obviously a benefit of ownership).

I’ve heard there is a popular belief that there are half as many dogs as humans in Los Alamos. Let’s ensure these animals continue to be a blessing to the community rather than a curse. Take responsibility for your dogs.