Letter To The Editor: Why You Should Vote For Trump

Los Alamos

Representative democracy is a failed system.  Decades ago, Republicans subscribed to Reagan, our second greatest president’s warning, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”

The Tea Party embraces this suspicion, and now controls Congress to daily prove that suspicion correct.

It is exactly this incompetent Congress and inept President that give the rational as to why you should vote for Donald Trump for President. Mr. Trump has promised to shake up government by using his deal-making expertise to overturn the failed democracy and replace it with inspired capitalistic autocracy.

America will be great (again) because we will have a Decision Maker in the White House. Mr. Trump will get rid of Congress, and the waste-of-time Rule of Law imposed on us by the Courts. The Constitution, too, is an impediment to his decisions. That also needs to go (except the Second Amendment).

Mr. Trump’s policies will streamline government and balance the budget by:

  • eliminating checks and balances;
  • cutting out government agencies along with selling or leasing the buildings that currently house those agencies; and
  • terminating entitlements including Food Stamps, Single Mother Assistance, Public Housing, Public Health Service, Unemployment, Medicare/caid, Social Security, and Public Schools.

These entitlements cost taxpayers trillions and trillions of dollars that could be spent on tax breaks for corporations to stimulate the economy. If Mr. Trump chooses to continue the services once provided by these wasteful agencies, he will privatize the services, thus, as happened at LANL, lowering costs and improving service.

Finally, and probably most important, Mr. Trump will end the repression of civil dialogue/discourse that the democratic process imposes on corporations, schools and neighborhoods.

We have read his policies and heard him in the debates. We have his promise that he will do things his way. On Day One as President he promises to jail his Presidential opponent, build a wall (presumably between the US and Mexico), get rid of immigrants, and ban Muslims. America used to be a can-do nation. This unstoppable man of action is exactly what will make America Great Again!

A vote for Donald Trump is the most efficient action we as Americans can make in order to reinvigorate our greatness losses through almost two-and-a-half centuries crushed by the repressive restrictions imposed by an outdated Constitution.

Democracy doesn’t work. Let’s join other successful autocratic nations and choose to elect a strongman to dispense with all America’s impotence. Let’s shake up this tired, old, do-nothing, impotent, and utterly wimpy USA with a great, White Strongman!

Early voting has started at the County Clerk’s office, second floor in the Municipal Building on Central Avenue. Your vote counts.

Los Alamos
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